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Best Free SEO Tools in 2020 for Keyword Research, Link building & competitor analysis

Best Free SEO Tools in 2020 for Keyword Research, Link building & competitor analysis

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If you want to make your website successful you need organic traffic. SEO is one of the most important but challenging digital marketing skills. You cannot succeed without the help of SEO tools.

There are thousands of SEO tools available for you to choose from. Some are better than others. We have compiled a list of tools that SEO experts have tried and tested on their campaigns. The tools featured in our list have been segmented into various categories. No matter what task you need to perform on your website, whether you need keyword research, audits, reports, local SEO or an all-in-one SEO tool, we will have it covered in this comprehensive list.

The Best All-In-One SEO Tools
The Best Analytical Tools
The Best Keyword Research Tools
The Best Link Building & Maintenance Tools
The Best Local SEO Tools

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To start, we are going to cover the ‘All-In-One’ multi-faceted SEO tools. These tools are popular due to them providing a range of solutions to various SEO problems, rather than just one part of the SEO process.

SEMrush is one of the market leaders for an all-in-one multi-faceted SEO tool. SEMrush offers help for SEO, PPC, backlinks, keyword research, social media, and more. The reason SEMrush is so popular and respected is down to the amount of quality data you can monitor and review. SEMrush allows you to get a deeper look at your competitors as well as at the keywords that they get most of their traffic from.

Key Features:

Organic Research — View the top keywords used by competitors.
Website Auditing — Run a comprehensive website audit to find faults in your website.
Traffic Analysis — Provides accurate data about your websites traffic and behaviour of customers.

SEMrush offers multiple paid plans and a 7 day free trial. I’d recommend starting with ‘Pro Plan’ at $99.95 a month and once you get used to the functionality of the tool, you can upgrade your plan when necessary. You can also pay annually which saves you money!

If you would like to try out the SEMrush SEO tool for 7 days for free, click here.

Ahrefs is another popular tool for SEO. This tool fits into our ‘all-in-one’ category, featuring multiple tools to help improve your SEO including the content explorer, site explorer, keywords explorer, rankings tracker and site audit tool.

Ahrefs is very popular as it can replace several tools due to having almost everything you could want inside one monthly subscription.

Key Features:

Backlink Profile — The Ahrefs backlink analysis tool is extremely simple to use, entering your URL and domain will return an in-depth look into your websites backlinks and traffic.
Newly Discovered Keywords — Ahrefs gives a load of extra data in its keyword explorer compared to some free versions, featuring the ‘return rate’ which can tell you how often people search for a keyword more than once. Also using Ahrefs you can get a list of keywords that have just started to get searches, this is great for spotting trends and niches within a market.

Ahrefs have multiple packages available, however I suggest you start by signing up for their free 7-day trial, this will give you a good understanding of the tool and then you can make an informed decision on which package you want.

If you would like to try out the Ahrefs SEO toolkit click here.

Serpstat is another ‘All-In-One’ SEO tool, providing keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site auditing and keyword clustering tools. One other great feature from Serpstat is that you can request a demo, enter your name and telephone email into their form and you will be contacted by one of Serpstats specialists in order to receive a comprehensive walk through of their website and all their tools features.

Key Features:

Batch Analysis — Research keywords and compare the rankings of multiple domains with Serpstat`s Batch Analysis Tool.
City-based Tracking — Find out exactly how your keywords are ranking in Google in any language, country and even city.
Unlimited Users — You can share your projects with team members at NO additional cost.

Serpstat provide a 30-day FREE trial which gives you more than enough time to scope out their tools. Once you have completed the trial you can choose from the packages above. Take note that paying annually will save you 20%!

If you would like to try out the 30-day FREE trial click here.

Woorank is a easy-to-use website analysis tool suite. Featuring a keyword tool, site crawler, marketing checklist, competitive analysis and more. Woorank have experts on hand to help if you have any queries. This tool is basic but effective, to start all you have to do is enter the URL of your website and signup for a 14-day free trial.

Key Features:

Marketing Checklist — Woorank’s marketing checklist provides you with 70+ personalised tips to guide you on how to optimise your website effectively.
Branded Reviews — Reports can be personalised with logo and brand colours.
Historical Keyword Data — Track your own and competitor keywords as well as viewing competitor rankings and historical data.
Woorank offer a 14-day trial. Their pricing structure is a little bit cheaper than the standard model however, they don’t allow you to save money by paying annually.

If you would like to try out the 14 day free trial for WooRank SEO toolkit click here.

Although WEBCEO is marketed towards agencies, they have a package for beginners and business owners. Overall their tool suite has 17 various tools including audits, research tools, backlink tools, social media analysis and more.

Key Features:

Automated Audits — Automate your site quality checks with WebCEO and feel safe about usability issues or serious errors that may negatively affect your search engine rankings.
Free Collaboration — No extra charge for as many simultaneous users as you want, the Task Manager will automatically update with specific SEO tasks that can be spread evenly among your team.
Free Training — Training is provided for all the tools.

The pricing for WEBCEO is very reasonable and they have a package for everyone, paying annually will save you 3 months worth of subscriptions, depending on which package this can be a lot of money. It is also very easy to upgrade your package if you need to.

If you would like to try out the WEBCEO SEO toolkit click here.

SEO PowerSuite describes itself as a ‘One-stop’ SEO software. The toolsuite covers every step of an SEO campaign, from rankings to on-page to backlinks. With its intuitive UI and a wealth of pro-level features, it’s a good fit for small business owners and agencies alike.

Key Features:

AdWords & Analytics Integration — Get stats on competition, search volume, CPC, page visits, traffic through keywords and backlinks by syncing SEO PowerSuite to your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts.
Global & Local SEO — Target specific locations, optimize sites for keywords in any language with SEO PowerSuite’s advanced local search settings.
24/7 Support — Get your questions answered via Live Chat or email by their Customer Service team.

SEO Powersuite is available with an annual subscription. However it does not feature a free trial, if you are interested, conduct some more research and contact their customer support if you have any questions.

If you would like to try out the SEO Powersuite SEO toolkit click here.

SE Ranking is a dynamically growing company that develops the best-of-breed SEO software that offers all standard SEO tools along with special features that could not be found on any other SEO platform. This tool has been developed for SEO professionals, agencies and website owners. This toolset has been used by over 12,000 small/medium sized businesses.

Key Features:

Marketing Plan — SE Ranking has a marketing plan feature that allows you to set up the correct course for action.
Web Page Updates — Be informed of all web page updates, whether they are intended or made without your team’s participation in an easy and efficient way.
Audit — You can run a full comprehensive SEO check-up of your whole website.
Real-time Tracking — Get real-time rankings of the tracked keywords.

With SE Ranking you get billed based on your subscription period (1 month — 12 month) and your rankings check frequency (everyday, every three days or every week). Once you select your options your discount will be displayed and your price is calculated. Prices are very reasonable and your plan is customizable which is a great feature.

If you would like to try out the SE Ranking SEO toolkit click here.

Raven is a tool suite that features 7 individual reporting tools. They offer a ton of features, and it can take a little bit of time to understand what everything does. But that’s where the 14-day free trial comes in handy. Raven allows you to link your account with Google Analytics to gather accurate data which can be turned into a custom report that can be scheduled to run weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Key Features:

Bulk Rank Tracking On Demand — Check your rankings every day within the SERPs.
Link Spy — Link Spy can be used to find top-quality links based on those websites that are already ranking for your focus keywords.
3-in-1 Competitor Research Tool — This tool allows you to ‘reverse engineer’ your competitors websites to see what is working for their sites.

Raven SEO offers monthly packages as well as an option to pay annually which gives you a 30% reduction. They offer a 14-day trial so you can use the tools available and test them out. If you like what you see, you can then purchase one of their packages.

If you would like to try out the Raven SEO toolkit’s 14-day free trial click here.

Seobility is an online SEO software for better website optimization. Build better websites quickly, easily and sustainably. This all-in-one SEO tool suite offers website crawls, site audits, rank tracking, backlink checker, link building tools and more.

Key Features:

Local Results — Evaluate and monitor the local search results
Daily Ranking Updates — Helps you track daily keyword rankings based on different demographics and search engines.
Competitor Backlinks — Quickly explores and compares the content of your competitors’ website so that you can optimize your process.

Seobility offer a FREE plan for beginners however if you want to crawl more pages and track more keywords you may have to upgrade to a better package. If you were wanting to upgrade to a premium plan you can get a 30 day trial to test it out first.

If you would like to try out the 30 day FREE trial for SEOBILITY SEO toolkit click here.

Now we have covered the best ‘All-In-One’ tools, we are going to discuss the best analytical tools available. Segmenting and reviewing data from your website is essential if you want to improve your website’s SEO. Understanding how users interact with your website and what demographics they come from can help you target the correct audience and improve traffic and sales.

Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google for FREE. It allows users to check indexing status, optimise visibility and review data provided from Google. Search Console is easy to set up, all you need is a Google account. Search Console can help you monitor your traffic, optimise your rankings and make informed decisions about your website’s search results.

Key Features:

Search Analytics Reports — Provides full comprehensive range of key insights into your website’s performance.
Fetch — The Fetch as Google feature can be used to show you how Google renders your published pages.
Control Center — Monitor the XML sitemaps to find and fix errors.
Link with Analytics — Google Search Console can be linked with Google Analytics to give you multiple reports on important website data.

Google Search Console is FREE. If you would like to try out the Google Search Console Analytical tool click here.

Google Analytics can show you real time traffic on your website. This FREE tool from Google has been around for a while and is an essential install if you run a website. Once you install the tracking code on your website you can view loads of metrics and data relating to your website. You can use this data to make informed decisions about your website. Find out where your traffic is coming from, whether it be organic, paid or direct.

Key Features:

Conversion Tracking — Once you’ve identified conversion points on your website, (such as an e-commerce sale, or phone call), you can set them up for tracking in GA.
Custom Goals — In GA you can set up 20 goals per reporting view, defining what is important for your website and what you want to achieve.
Custom Dashboards — You can set up dashboards depending on what is most important to you, if seeing conversions is the most important thing you can add them to your dashboard so you see the data as soon as you log in.

Google Analytics is FREE. If you would like to try out the Google Analytics tool click here.

The clue is in the name for this tool. Google Trends is a website that analyses the popularity of search queries in Google SERPs across the world. It includes different languages and regions and Google Trends display the data of popular searched terms via a score of up to 100.

Key Features:

Recently Trending — Keep up with the latest keyword trends, Google Trends has a list of the keywords trending at that present moment.
Year In Search — This feature displays the trends from a full year (e.g. Year In Search 2018).
Regional Search — Choose a specific country to search for trends to find out what is trending from other countries.

Google Trends is FREE. If you would like to try out the Google Trends tool click here.

Google Data Studio is a dashboard and reporting tool that is easy to use. It allows you to customise and create informative reports. Data Studio is like Google Analytics but a lot more in-depth.

Key Features:

Data Visualisation — Data Studio offers visualisation and customisation solutions that help you engage and persuade with an engaging data story.
Collaboration — Share your reports and dashboards with coworkers with ease.

Google Data Studio is FREE. If you would like to try out the Google Data Studio tool click here.

After discussing Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) we can now discuss the Bing version. Not everyone uses Google’s search engine even though it makes up the majority of searches, Bing is an alternative. Using Bing Webmaster Tools allows you to add your website to the Bing insex crawler.

Key Features:

Search Analytics Reports — Provides full comprehensive range of key insights into your website’s performance.
Block URLs — Bing allows you to remove a page or directory from the search engine’s index
Disavow Links — To keep a clean link profile, bing have a disavow tool, you can use this to notify Bing about any untrustworthy links.

Bing Webmaster Tools is FREE. It comes with a free £75 advertising credit too! If you would like to try out Bing Webmaster Tools click here.

SEOlyzer allows you to integrate your Google accounts and visualize and analyze your sites activity in real time. By browsing your site, crawling bots (such as Googlebot) leave information in your server’s log files. Log analysis with allows to aggregate all this unused data into efficient SEO KPIs.

Key Features:

Real Time KPIs — SEOlyzer uses log analysis so that all your indicasters are visible in real time compared to google bots that take at least three days to provide signals that something is wrong.
Targeted Analysis — On, you can segment your different types of pages at will, to get answers to these questions. In the same way you will be able to easily measure the impact of the efforts implemented on a particular category of pages.

SEOlyzer is FREE. If you would like to try out SEOlyzer click here.

Authority labs allows you to save time on your SEO campaigns. Using their toolsuite comes with daily ranking reports, local search results, mobile specific tools and global tracking, expanding your reach by easily adding domains from any country in the world. This reliable analytical tool can track competitors and it is 100% white label and fully customisable.

Key Features:

Unlimited Users — Share your reports and add new users to your account for no additional cost.
Global Tracking — Although this company is based in the USA you can track domains from any country supported by the search engines.

Partner API — Track rankings with the most comprehensive set of daily SERP data points.

Authority Labs offer a 30 day FREE trial, they don’t ask for credit card info up front and won’t email you every day trying to upsell you on something. After completing a free trial you may feel inclined to purchase a package. The packages are reasonably priced and remember, you can add unlimited users onto your package for no additional cost.

If you would like to try out Authority Labs click here.

Thousands of people use AWR on a daily basis to track and grow their business. AWR provides multiple analytical tools via an easy to use interface. AWR continues its legacy of providing accurate ranking data through the use of a human search emulation mechanism and new search engine definitions every 24 hours. Designed for large and complex projects, AWR has an expanding capacity that can fit vast amounts of data. Choose any of the existing subscriptions or ask for a custom plan that suits your needs.

Key Features:

Rank Tracking — Accurate and reliable rankings.
Localization — Thanks to AWR’s customized search engine locations you can track local rankings and gain the trust of local businesses from around the world.
Analytics Link — Sync your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to your AWR projects

AWR has a free trial available and the packages are a very fair price. If you would like to try out the FREE trial from Advanced Web Ranking tool click here.

Answer the public fetches and maps keyword suggestions that you see when you perform a search on Google, it can be very useful for content ideas.

Key Features:

FREE — Always a bonus!
Unlimited Searches — Allows for you to experiment with their tool, researching multiple domains etc.
Reliably Trusted By Thousands Of SEO’s — Keep up with your competitors who will be using this tool to help them conjure up content ideas.

If you would like to try out the Answer The Public research Tool, click here.

If you want data directly from Google then this is the place to go.Google’s Keyword Planner has been around for years and is constantly being worked on from Google, improving the UI and adding new features. It sorts the keywords via relevance and displays the ‘Avg monthly searches’ each keyword gets. This can help determine what keywords you should use.

Key Features:

Competition Feature — The Keyword Planner tells you how likely someone searching for the term you have entered are to buy from you via the ‘Competition’ column.
Download Feature — You can download a list of keyword in the .CSV format using the download button.
Location — You can change the location of your keyword research to any country supported by Google’s SERPs.

If you would like to try out Google’s Keyword Planner click here.

Fat Rank uses something we are yet to discuss, the tool comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension. It helps you find where your website ranks in the SERPs. Also, it allows you to download reports via the extension in order to see detailed data.

Key Features:

Reporting — You can receive detailed CSV or PDF reports.
Graphs — Changes in rankings can be compared better when the data is set out in a graph form.
FREE Unlimited Keywords — With Fat Rank you get unlimited keywords for a website.

If you would like to try out the Fat Rank research tool click here.

Ubersuggest is a FREE tool that can be used to find long tail keywords quick. The tool reverse engineers competitors SEO content to give you the best keywords suggestions possible. Not only does it give you keyword ideas but it also can provide content ideas based on content that has the most shares and backlinks.

Key Features:

Backlink Data — With Ubersuggest you can see the exact content in your space that people are linking to. You then approach each of these sites and ask them to link to you.
Keyword Suggestions — You’ll also see volume, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword.

If you would like to try out the Ubersuggest research tool click here. Is one of the best alternatives to Google Keyword Planner and other keyword research tools. Free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term. You can use Keyword Tool absolutely for free, even without creating an account.

Key Features:

FREE — Give it a try!
Long-Tail Suggestions — 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every term.
No Account Needed — Instantly search for the terms you are looking for without signing up.

If you would like to try out the research tool click here.

FaqFox uses a simple framework to provide you with more than just keywords. It also provides ideas for blog posts, social content, viral marketing content and data driven media. You can start with a few clicks of your mouse, for free. It has a great features which allows you to choose the websites that FaqFox gets it’s questions and keywords from(reddit etc.)

Key Features:

Ideas For Content — Scrape websites to get the best content ideas
Select Websites to Scrape — Select which websites you would like to get keyword ideas from including reddit etc.

If you would like to try out the FAQFOX research tool click here.

Enter a keyword into the Soovle website and receive lists of questions sentences that your target audience search when on google. This is the most basic keyword tool there is. You can receive over 200 questions, then you need to make sure you create content to provide answers to these enquiries.

Key Features:

Instant Results — No account needed, just instantly insert a keyword to receive questions that are related to your search term.
Returns Most Used Searched Terms — Get an idea of the questions users are inputting into the search engines.

If you would like to try out the Soovle research tool click here.

This tool uses reddit’s data. Reddit is a website that has millions of active users, sharing posts in multiple subreddits about varying topics from food to astronomy. Start typing in the name of a subreddit below and pick one from the auto-generated list. Then click “Get Keywords” to extract keywords from that subreddit. Subreddits with lots of comments have more keywords than those with little activity.

Key Features:

Uses Reddit Data — Something different from other tools, gives a good insight into marketing via Reddit.
Easy To Use — This tool is very basic and easy to use, it’s worth a try

If you would like to try out the Keyworddit research tool click here.

A great keyword tool for small businesses. Select a business type and city, and it will automatically generate local keywords for your industry that potential customers might use to find you.

Key Features:

Bulk Keywords — Receive a list of automatically generated LOCAL keywords based on your industry.
Generate Local Keywords — Will help you to understand your local audience.

If you would like to try out the Bulk Keyword Generator research tool click here.

Keyword Hero gathers its data from nine different sources including Google Analytics, Search Console, certified Google API access and more. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to match search phrases to your sessions. Keyword Hero can also recognise the query type, whether it be informational or transactional.

Key Features:

Brand Detection — Brand keywords can be segmented within this tool, brand keywords can be a major driver of organic traffic.
SERP Position — See and optimise individual position in the Google SERPs.
Query Type — Keyword Hero can recognise the query type, whether it be informational or transactional.

If you would like to try out the Keyword Hero research tool click here.

With this free SEO tool you can find out what people actually type into search boxes. Seed Keywords was created to allow people to create a scenario, such as “When looking for hotels online what do you search for?” By sending a link Seed Keywords provides to your friends you can gather data.

Key Features:

Real Ideas — Seed Keywords provides answers that real people have submitted, not only bots and crawlers.
Share with Friends — You can share your query with anyone via the URL they provide, this will give you the option to collect as much data as you require.
If you would like to try out the Seed Keywords research tool click here.

The Moz keyword tool is very similar to Google’s. They allow you to analyse by search volume and save/export your data. However, Moz add a few extra features. Checking keyword difficulty can show how easy it is to rank for certain terms within the SERPs. Also you can find keywords specifically in question format.

Key Features:

Competitive Keyword Analysis — See what keywords your site ranks for and discover your competitors’ most important keywords.
Global — Search for keyword suggestions by country for an international strategy,
Preview SERP Details — A SERP analysis breakdown of the elements and link data at each ranking position.

Moz provides a 30-day FREE trial which is worth your time. After using the trial you can decide on a package that most suits you. If you would like to try out the Moz Keyword Tool research tool’s FREE 30 day trial click here.

Enter seed keywords and get hundreds of suggestions, run keyword & competitor analysis and determine keyword profitability with rank value. Long Tail Pro is a tried and tested tool that has been used for years by many SEOs.One of the must-have features in a keyword suggestion tool is a way to measure difficulty. Other keyword research tools break down their keyword competitiveness into three levels: Low, Medium, and High. Long Tail Pro takes keyword competitiveness to a whole new level.

Key Features:

Rank Tracker — Tracking your rankings based on REAL data, not guesses.
Long Tail Videos — Once signed up you can follow their ‘Bootcamp’ & ‘University’ videos to become even better at keyword research using the Long Tail toolsuite.

A FREE 7 day trial will allow for you to test out the Long Tail Pro tool, multiple packages are available, buying an annual plan will save you some money. If you would like to try out the 7 day FREE trial of Long Tail Pro research tool click here.

This tool has been created by Mangools. This keyword tool is very popular and has been around for a while. KWFinder can be used to find long tail keywords, local keywords, SEO metrics and more. KWFinder is one part of the Mangools SEO tool suite. The KWFinder has a user friendly interface and a free trial is available to test it out.

Key Features:

Keyword List — You can organise your keywords into lists.
Import In Bulk — Import your keywords in bulk to save time and analyse your existing search terms.
Exact Search Terms — Instead of guess work this tool has an exact keyword search which gives the legitimate exact match search volumes.

Mangools offer a FREE trial and a 48-hours money back guarantee. Their packages are reasonably priced and available to purchase monthly via subscription and annually. If you would like to try out the KWFinder research tool click here.

The MOZ link explorer is part of the wider MOZ brand and is another excellent tool. MOZ has become a household name in the SEO world and that’s because they have consistently provided excellent tools over the years. This tool allows you to see the links to any website this includes your own or any competitors links it also shows link building opportunities meaning you can maintain and grow your backlinks.

Key Features:

See Links to Any Site Including Competitors — Being able to see what links your competitor has can give you a huge advantage with your link strategy.
Domain Authority Checker — Make sure to know what domain authority the sites you are getting links from they may be hindering you.

A 30 day FREE trial is available with the standard package starting at $99 per month this is best if you are new to SEO and want to help your website grow. The largest package is $599 per month this is usually for agencies with lots of websites they are trying to grow. If you would like to try out the MOZ Link Explorer, click here to try the 30 day FREE trial.

Ninja Outreach is an excellent tool for link building in it provides the best social media influencers from Instagram & Twitter to help market your products. As well as providing some more traditional tools such as being able to see your competitors links as well as helping you fix your broken links.

Key Features:

Social Media Influencers — This tool allows you to find the very best influencers from Instagram & Twitter to market your products.
Connect with Real People — This feature makes sure that the emails you have are valid emails and it also helps you find email addresses to market to.

FREE 7 day trial is available with prices starting at $49 per month but billed yearly and going up to $149 per month also billed yearly. If you would like to try out the Ninja Outreach tool’s FREE 7 day trial, click here.

Majestic SEO is a great all round link building tool with the usual backlink audits and competitor link audits but what sets this site apart is two features that are majestic exclusives those are Majestic Million & Majestic Plugins these will be discussed below in Key Features.

Key Features:

Majestic Million — It takes the top 1 million sites on the internet and compiles them into a site on their site. It provides a small audit back for each site with stats and figures relating to the site.
Majestic Plugins — This plugin is a Google Chrome & Firefox Plugin that shows the backlink audits of sites you visit this is useful for getting information on competitors and any website you have an interest in.

You can sign up for FREE but to access the majority of the features your going to want a paid plan. The paid Plans start at £39.99 and go all the way up to £319.99 per month. The Lite is probably best if you have a new site and want to know how to fix issues on your site. If you would like to try out the Majestic SEO tool, click here.

Link Miner is split between five key features including live preview of backlinks, save backlinks to favourites list, options of advanced backlink analysis, find powerful backlinks & evaluate the link strength. I believe the last two features are the key features from link miner and will be discussed below. As for the other features I believe the options of advanced backlink analysis can be very helpful for going into detail about your backlinks as well as competitors.

Key Features:

Find Powerful Backlinks — This tool will show you your competitors best backlinks as well as showing you ones that can be replicated easily.
Evaluate the Link Strength — Link Miner has developed an algorithm to determine the strength of power of potential links.

10 Day FREE Trial Available if you like the software after the trial paid plans start at €29.90 going up to a maximum €79.90 per month. If you would like to try out the Link Miner tool’s 10 day FREE trial, click here.

BuzzSumo is fantastic at getting the right social profiles connected to your business to help market your products. The content discovery feature is excellent at finding the right content for you to write to generate content. The content research feature scans billions of articles and social posts to determine what makes successful content.

Key Features:

Content Discovery — Is great for generating content ideas but takes into account geolocation and predicts viral trends.
Find Influencers — Has a database will millions of social profiles with meaningful metrics.

FREE 7 day trial available on all packages. The pricing starts at $99 per month and for the enterprise level only really necessary for agencies with a number of clients the price can rise to $499+ per month. If you would like to try out the 7 day FREE trial of Buzz Sumo, click here.

Originally known as link bird this site has evolved massively over the last few years. Now focusing on content and links instead of just links this site has a huge library of training videos and seminars that can help you develop your content skills and how to make sure your content gets quality links.

Key Features:

Content Marketing Academy — A huge library of videos and lessons that can help you develop your content and link building skills.
Content Workflow Platform — A collaborative work platform that is all in one place.

A FREE trial is available after that pricing starts at €100 per month with higher packages needing a quote. If you would like to try out the Content Bird (Link Bird) tool, click here to try the FREE trial.

Linkody is an excellent tool for solely focusing on links. The free backlink checker is an excellent tool and will be discussed below. They provided a SEO overview as well as providing link opportunities including MOZ Metric Distributions, Spam Score Distributions, IP Geolocation and much more. This is an excellent link building tool for gaining new links and getting rid of unwanted links.

Key Features:

Backlink Checker — A excellent backlink checker that can be used to check two sites per week for completely free.
Disavow Tool — Allows you to disavow any unwanted links very easily and can you can do multiple links in one go.

Has a 30 day FREE trial after that the paid plans start at €13.90 per month and going to €134.90 per month for agencies needing up to 10 users. If you would like to try out the Linkody 30 day FREE trial, click here.

The Google Disavow link is falls under the Google Search Console banner but is a very important tool for disavowing unwanted links attached to your website.

Key Features:

Disavows Links — This is the primary feature of the Google Disavow Tool and an important part of Google Search Console.

Google offers this service to no cost at all. All you will need is a Google account. If you would like to try out the Google Disavow Tool click here. is a link building tool but it is not the same as the rest. Hunter allows you to find accurate contact information within seconds. Hunter is the best tool for finding up to date information. It is an extremely fast tool that pulls its data from multiple sources. This allows you to get emails for any blogs you would like to contact.

Key Features:

FREE Chrome Extension
Email Categorization — This tool can tell you the names, email and job role of who works in the business.
Verified Email — Hunter automatically verifies each email it gives you, this allows you to know its still active before you send anything.
If you would like to try out the tool, click here.

Key Benefits:

Gives you a chance to appear in the world’s most popular search engine. This includes five billion searches for Restaurants every month & three billion searches for Hotels.
Gives a chance for local people to find your business Google My Business is all about appearing for local searches relating to your business.
Google My Business will provide you with key analytics showing calls, visits, searches and much more relating to your business.

Like most of Google’s services this is a completely free service but can teamed up with Google Ads to drive traffic. If you would like to try out the Google My Business feature, click here.

Key Benefits:

Allows you to show search results for any search term in any city or location.
Gives you audits for your Google My Business page this is great for giving you areas of the Google my Business page you can improve.
Can integrate with Google Analytics seamlessly.
You can monitor reviews that come through for your business on my Google My Business

Offers FREE 14 Day Trial after that prices start from $29 per month and rising to a maximum of $79 per month. If you would like to try out the Bright Local’s FREE 14 day trial, click here.

Key Benefits:

Data Cleansing Process this ensures your data is cleaned up and consistent and properly formatted with their extensive review process.
Automated Deletion this tool finds duplicate listings of your business and after confirming its a duplication it will automatically delete the post this is ideal for knowing your business won’t be conflicting with duplicated listings.
Google & Facebook integration get an insight into your presence on both of these huge platforms.

The basic plan starts at $129 per year rising to $299 per year for the complete package. If you would like to try out Moz Local, click here.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder can be used to find and manage local listings. You can enter your keyword and it will scan a database of citations sites, it will then recommend a list of sites you should upload your website to. It also boasts a number of additional features, including the ability to collect customer feedback and online reviews, monitor local search rankings by city, discover create link opportunities and more.

Key Benefits:

Citation Clean Up — Find outdated and toxic links from citation sites
Citation Scanner — Find local citation websites for your industry
FREE (Limited Searches per Day)
If you would like to try out the Whitespark Local Citation Finder tool, click here.

Local SEO Checklist has over 30 steps detailing specific tasks you need to do to optimise your website, improve your rankings and improving your blog. You can tick off each point on their checklist as you complete each task. Make sure to run through their checklist to gain the maximum benefits of the knowledge they provide for FREE.

Key Benefits:

100 Local SEO Tips List — Check off what tasks you have completed in order to gain information of new tricks that can boost your local SEO.
Step-by-step guides — This site also offers free guides to help you improve your local SEO.
If you would like to try out the Local SEO Checklist, click here.

Using these SEO tools will help you to improve your rankings and bring the best results. Using the free trials is a no-brainer. Test out the tools to see which one’s you enjoy the most then buy the best package for you. Optimise your website and keep track of your own. There are so many great tools for research, audits, measurements and local SEO but some tools are also not very good. Make sure to read up on the tools you’re using before purchasing or downloading them

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